Client Reviews

Mike & Denise M.

At first we thought we could manage our rental ourselves. Big mistake! Life was a lot easier when we handed the job to High Tide Properties. They screen tenants quickly but carefully. They have vendors who fix things at reasonable rates. Seung and his crew were extremely responsive to all our needs -- and our tenants needs. It's been a great partnership. Thanks High Tide!

William D.

I'm so happy that High Tide Properties found us 2 different prospective tenants over Memorial Day weekend - 1 could have been luck, but 2 was definitely skill. You guys achieved in 3 days what my previous management company couldn't do in over 3 months of vacancy, pretty stunning.

I also need to say that High Tide Properties is very professional and service oriented. You rank significantly higher than my previous management company in all respects.

I will thank my real estate agent, Mark Mills, who recommended High Tide Properties to me, and tell him that he should not hesitate to recommend your company to his other clients.

Beverly S.

My husband and I used High Tide while we lived in Florida and rented our condo in San Diego. We received top notch customer service, our place stayed occupied every month and the High Tide staff stayed in communication with us throughout the renting process. They made our property management experience effortless. We would use High Tide again and are even considering buying another property for them to manage for us. It is well worth every penny!

Karen M.

High Tide Properties is exceptional. They have been managing our property for over 3 years. Our concerns are handled immediately. Seung Lee is extremely prompt. Our property has never been without a tenant since using High Tide. The tenants are vetted well. If there is a maintenance issue, it is handled promptly and at a reasonable cost to us. We especially enjoy receiving monthly and yearly statements. We always receive our rent on time. Communication is open. Everyone is friendly! I highly recommend High Tide. You will not have to worry, your rent will be on time, and someone else will handle all of your problems. We like that!!!

Nancy G. - Owner of 1890 Da Gama Ct, Escondido, CA

When I was looking to rent out my home, I researched several management companies. Most either had some disappointing reviews, or were real estate agents that did management on the side. The one other company that looked promising had much higher fees [than High Tide Properties] and their asking rents on the properties that they had listed seemed a little too high. We met with Seung on a Tuesday. We decided on a price that we both agreed should get the house rented quickly, because that was important to me. Seung gave me names and phone numbers for people to do minor repairs and they were very reasonable. He placed the ad for the house the same day we met and showed it before the end of the week to a couple who leased it for the full asking rent. They are moving in next week. The vendors that Seung recommended were very easy to work with and their prices were so good that I have already recommended them to a neighbor. We have not been charged any fees by High Tides as of yet, and they do not charge a leasing fee. We are VERY glad that we chose High Tides and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

Lisa S. – Owner of 1672 Goldstone St, El Cajon, CA

7/9/2009: What a great team at High Tide. I listed my property with these guys and one month later I had a tenant. Both Seung and Jay responded to my questions, concerns and kept me informed. They handled my many changes with a smile and patience. Thanks guys for your help.

3/31/2010: Still a Big Fan!! I used High Tide Services in 2009 and I am back in 2010 because I find this group so easy to work with, professional, and they get my place rented!! I have true horror stories from other PM groups who do not respond in a time fashion, who charge for work that they can't verify was done, etc. I have worked with 3 PM groups that I have nothing good to say about them. High Tide is the exact opposite of those groups for me!! I am so pleased to have found High Tide! Thanks to their team for all they do for me and my tenants!

Steve P. – Owner of 4973 Dubois Dr, San Diego, CA

After having attempted managing our own rental home (while living out of town, no less) we decided to use a management company after the first tenant moved out and it was time to get a second tenant. I'm so very glad we found Seung at High Tide Properties, as this was amazingly smooth sailing once they were in charge. They organized the move-in repairs needed (and the contractors were very reasonable), High Tide's rates were great (8%) and they were always very responsive anytime I had a question. I loved people asking me how my rental house was going and responding "Great! High Tide is doing everything!" I also recall one specific example where the tenants had complained of a slow drain; High Tide tried to work with the tenant to problem solve it before sending out a plumber to help keep MY expenses minimal when possible. That's just OUTSTANDING service. If I weren't moving back into our home right now, there's no question that High Tide would continue to be my property management company. Even at the end of our business relationship, after the tenant had moved out and they knew they would not receive more money from me, they continued to manage the final contractor work needed to bring the home back up to "rent-ready status" and were always very prompt, courteous, and conscientious every step of the way. That says to me that the people at High Tide are an honest, hard-working, and trustworthy company.

Craig M. – Owner of 13750 Ruette Le Parc, Del Mar, CA

High Tide has been managing my rental property since 2009 and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The service is always professional and prompt. High Tide Properties did a fantastic job of marketing my property during a difficult time in the rental market; Seung created an extremely polished advertisement that stood out from the competition and went the extra mile to meet with prospective tenants. They were able to quickly lease my property and since then have continued to provide superior service. High Tide has always provided accurate monthly and yearly statements and has always ensured that the rent is delivered on schedule. Seung has done a great job communicating with me on the status of my property and has always been extremely responsive to any issues or questions that are raised. Seung is very easy to reach and is always helpful--a refreshing change from other management companies that I've worked with in the past.

Oren R. – Owner of 6750 Beadnell Way #44, San Diego, CA

I currently live in NY & own a property in San Diego. I was looking for a reliable credible management company to handle all my property needs. A friend of mine recommended me High Tide Properties.

I'm very satisfied with the service I get. The property needed some work. Seung coordinated all the work in a very efficient manner. He kept educating me about the different options I had and I always had the feeling that he had my best interest in mind. The condo got rented very fast in a good price. Seung is always very responsive and return calls in a timely manner. I definitely recommend High Tide Properties for anybody in the search for a good reliable management company.

Jonathan Y. – Owner of 6750 Beadnell Way #33, San Diego, CA

I live in NEW YORK and I have been with Seung for the past 2 years going on the third now and I have been pleased with him from the beginning. He had rented out my Condo twice already since I've been with him and he had done it very fast and very professionally to my satisfaction. He dealt with a few issues I had with the Condo very well using his contractors and they were all very professional and courteous and not expensive! I highly recommend Seung mainly for his personal touch and his professionalism.

Matthew W. – Previous Owner of 3091 Cowley Way, San Diego, CA

High Tide Properties did a good job looking after my condo after I moved to the other side of the country. Seung found us a great tenant right away and did a good job of dealing with headaches so we didn't have to. When it came time to sell the condo, Seung then put us in contact with a first rate realtor. High marks all around, I'm not surprised they're growing as fast as they are.

Michelle and Dan P.

Being busy parents and professionals, we needed a full service property management firm that could do all the “heavy lifting” for us, at a very reasonable flat fee rate. High Tide was fast and responsive from the very beginning, and has continued to provide excellent customer service to us.

Margo C.

I had the opportunity to work with Seung Lee for the past 2 years. Seung was both my property manager and when I was ready to sell the property, he also worked as my realtor. What I really like and appreciate about Seung and his property management company High Tide is that they are very professional, responsive, and available. I completely trusted Seung to take care of my property,; this was very important to me especially bcause I had moved and was no longer living in San Diego. He was very invested in selling my property and checked in with me frequently about any issue or decision that had to be made. I really appreciated that he also found an error in the title paperwork that would have cost me money but Seung took care of it. I would definitely recommend Seung and High Tide properties to anyone thinking of using a property manager or selling a property.

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